. 40
zXmas Breach
[The video opens to a distinguished dark-haired gentleman looking with an air of imperial coldness at his undoubtedly jealous audience. William von Graham is sitting upon a lavish, plush seat that, of course, looks brand new. Everything he owns looks this way. Except Richie. But he's still new.. His accent may have faded a tad since he moved here a year ago, but his wealth? Not at all. Which is absolutely not a fact he flaunts about. Too much.]

The day of holiday festivities is nearly upon us. I trust invitations to the best parties have been sent out, with all necessary preparations made, yes? I would hope so. Just as I would hope our invitation would include our newest addition to our humble home.

[The home behind is anything but humble. Think marble, and shiny surfaces that gleam and dazzle. Dust fears to tread here. He takes a sip of tea from a tiny ornate glass before continuing.]

I know he is not as... cultured as Hannibal and I, but he is a pup still learning. Just recently we ordered a dozen tailor-made suits. They should arrive shortly. [Because this is CLEARLY important enough to boast about.] Now, if you'll excuse me, it is time for Richard's algebra lessons.

[[Breach!Will is a sharp-dressed snobby bastard with an accent who lives with Hannibal, all domestic and such, along with their newly adopted son, Richie. H&W are most likely among the socially elite, but Will tries to get along with everyone. (Your middle-class peoples are so charmingly adorable, Hannibal darling!) It may always come across as insulting so assuming past things is absolutely encouraged! Oh, and replies will be made with veryspecialwill because I needs my icons.]]

. 39 Audio
Hannibal / Hand
[Warden Filter (minus T-X) + I-Have-So-Few-Friends Filter; If you think you're on it? More than likely, you are.]
A few days ago, I was informed by Kay that the T-X had come to Narvin with a request. The request was simple: erase a memory from Hannibal. I was informed of this because of my history with Hannibal, and that I could ask if he possibly knew something that would warrant this painful process.

I found out later what it was: the T-X is programmed to assist in the genocide of humanity. Though, as she told her inmate, it doesn't want to the humans to die. Only to return to its world in a new body to assist with the extermination of humans.

[So much disgust with that emphasis. He pauses to let that sink in.]

That's is its deal. Murder. The Admiral's judgment aside, which we can all agree is questionable even at the best of times, I'm going to go ahead and point out the obvious: how is a robot intent on murder able to rehabilitate anyone?

I won't bring up Hannibal's past crimes here. I've done that already. But even I will say this: he has morals. Skewed, yes, but morals regardless. With T-X as his warden, he has told me that he cannot graduate knowing her deal.

Back to Narvin. That was T-X's solution. Erasing knowledge to further its goals. Knowledge that, by itself, shows empathy of other people. Something that, last I checked, was a good thing to have for all inmates.

I don't know what can be done, if anything. But this isn't something I'm going to let go.

[[Right so this probably should've been posted days ago, but then my work schedule decided to steamroll me, and there was port, during which I had Will sleepin' like he does best. End of hiatus now!]]

. 38 Public; Video
Failing So Hard
[Guess who's death tolling it up again? This guy right here. Because this happened. This post is... a day after that, let's say. Once things are wrapped up.]

That... could've gone better. I guess negotiating isn't really my strong point. Then again, it never really was.

[Weak chuckle that quickly becomes a cough, which then becomes a groan of 'Ow I should not be moving right now.' Yeah, he'll just end the post here because, o hi there migraine, is it time for you already? Fun times.]

. 37 Public; Audio
Alone / Beach / Angsty
[Quickly filtered to Barge-ians after he realizes 4th Walling Day is on. Took him an hour or two; feel free to have noticed it]
If Crawford hadn't paid me a visit that day... what then? If he hadn't asked me to go look, "just look" he said, at a crime scene. He knew what to say and how to say it. But I can't blame him. Not really.

He really was just doing his job. Some days, though, I just wonder how things might've gone differently. I would've continued to stay secluded away in retirement, but I was happy then. Didn't even think about death at all. Fixing boat motors--every guy needs an odd hobby, right?

[Pause.] Well, that's my rambling for the month, I guess.

[Added later, Public:] Apparently we're having some interference with other worlds. Uh, hi. My name is Will Graham, formerly 'Special Investigator Graham'. If anyone wants to talk... [Shrug.] Well I've got nothing else at the moment.

[Private to David]
Do you know Rachel?

[Private to Richie]
How you holding up?

. 36
Dream Much Will?
[Audio clicks on. Will sounds mostly back to normal. Still broody as ever but now with an added dash of HOLY FUCK I'M TIRED. Stress from the recovery, cleaning his cabin to get looking at least normal, even if it doesn't really feel the same...? Yeah, it's kind of taken its toll.]

I went into a Barge coma about two weeks ago. The last thing I remember is leaving my cabin for lunch. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the infirmary, being told that someone has taken my form and tied people up in my room. I don't know why she did it. I'm just glad no one was... hurt. At least that I know about. [Dammit, Will, STOP APOLOGIZING for things that aren't you fault. There's more he wants to say, or should say, being the responsible warden, but he doesn't. Still too angry about it, and he's trying not to be. So far, unsuccessful.]

Privates to Rachel & Hannibal. SPAM for RichieCollapse )

[[This prooobably should've been posted a few days ago but work has kept me fairly busy. And tiiiiired. :/ ]]

. 35 [Audio]
Bullshit Bout the Way I Think
That was a very weird port. The magic was interesting to have, okay I'll admit that. But everything else I'd really rather forget.

Did you fall overboard, Richie? I wasn't near a communicator for the past three days.

[Private to Hannibal]
[The longest pause here.] It was the Admiral's bad driving. Nothing more than that.

. 34 [OPEN SPAM]
zPort - Purr
[Willow is out and about town, dressed in a rich crimson velvet. She wanders as though she were nobility, a station far above her title of 'magic shop owner'. Several ads of said shop are held, single-page deals with animated whimsy that she hands out to passerbys.

Normally, her husband's vocal advertisement, and the charms placed near the store's entrance, would be plenty enough to attract business. However, given the odd arrivals they have had, she decides to explore, and be a bit 'old fashioned'.]

[ooc: Just what we needed, another open spam right? Well, of course! Willow is too much fun to write, so this is kind of like a 'Day In the Life' without actually being one. She'll strolling about town, from the main road to a few alleys to the outskirts, so one can spot her just about anywhere.]

. 33
Look Back / My Dear Will
[Private to the Admiral]
Remove the gun from Richie's room and return it to mine. While you're at it, change his room completely to a jail cell for the next four days. Concrete flors and walls, a cot, the whole works. [Pause] Replace the door with bars, too. [This is what happens when you try to call your warden's bluff, Richie. :| ]

[Public; Audio]
I won't doubt the Admiral's judgment. I like to think he knows what he's doing. If he brought people here, then they mean to be here. For good, bad, whatever.

TL;DR Hannibal is evil. Also a cannibal, but that's totally a rarely known fact. Um, spoiler alert?Collapse )

.32 [Audio; Private to Richie]
Suit / File
Well, Mr. Gecko, it looks like I'm your new Warden. Any particular place you'd like to meet for us to chat?

. 31 [Video]
Arms Crossed
[Will is unaffected. And sighing heavily at the lot of you. Dammit, Jim, Admiral, he's a warden not a zookeeper!

Except he's not really the former right now, so... ]

Right. Human round-up. Who's still able to walk on two legs and help with our sudden zoo? Not all the animals seem able to get out of their rooms.

If anyone needs help, and you can understand me, tell me what room you're in and what you need. I'll try to help where I can.

[Poor old Will needs some new CR so here's me throwing him out there for it.]


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